Asset Management

Make sure company equipment is in good condition and is not forgotten to build sites

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In-app scanner

Make your tool handling easier

  • Immediately see full info after scan
  • Phone GPS location saved to history on each scan event

Any QR or barcode works

We can provide special heavy-duty stickers and tags for demanding environments.

Laminated stickers

Stainless steel

Any QR or barcode works

We can provide special heavy-duty stickers and tags for demanding environments.

Laminated stickers

Stainless steel


Track your inventory

  • Know precisely what, where and in which condition you have
  • Make sure equipment gets timely maintenance


Have a 360° View of each item

  • Enable easy management for staff
  • Organise photos, tasks, and documents
  • See history of all the events

Stocktake & maintenance

Issue tasks to conduct checks

  • Inspect equipment condition
  • Plan maintenance schedules
  • Capture proof of transfers

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Easy to use and expensive tools are well under control

Life is easier when all the information is available on the mobile. It's convenient to keep an eye on everything and it works very well. I'm trying to find something to pick on, but I can't think of anything. Many of our assets are worth thousands, and it is very good if things are clear and under control, all the information is there. Very good to see that every saw and tool has records straight about when the oil was last changed, etc.

Sander Lepik

Sander Lepik

30 people, roofing contractor

Everything is in one place and accessible from any device

It is very easy to identify when something has changed. A separate bonus is the easy login system - there is no need to remember passwords. It's very good and comfortable, and I haven't seen anyone else doing it like that. The best part is that all the information is in one place and accessible from any computer and phone.

Toomas Tähe

Toomas Tähe

330 people, Cleaning

Brilliant overview of all the tools

Thanks to remato we have a good overview of our tools. All of them are marked with QR codes and moving them around between projects is now just a couple of clicks. This gives us accurate info about where things currently are.

Kaspar Aruvee

Kaspar Aruvee

30 people, renovation

For the first time, we truly understood how many tools are getting stolen, lost or broken

The asset overview is just amazing. We simply did not know how much did we buy new tools without knowing that the last one was simply forgotten on the site or was stolen.

Irma Tubli

60 people, General contractor

Remato makes us more efficient

Both myself and my team have a clear understanding of what tools we have, where they are, and who is responsible for them - always knowing who to ask.

Tanel Kerner

Tanel Kerner

20 people, Electricity

Our tools are now very clearly under control. A good overview of what tools we have, where they are, and who last used them.

Markel Puusep

Markel Puusep

30 people, Electricity contractor

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Construction software that is built for small and medium contractors working in the field


  • Estimate & Schedule
  • Generate Proposals
  • Photo Gallery
  • Blueprints & Docs
  • Site Diary


Budgets, Bids, Schedules, Docs


  • Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Attendance GPS
  • Automatic Timesheet
  • In-app Chat
  • Qualifications


Work Tracking, Qualifications, Reports

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