Madis Lehtmets

CEO, Co-Founder

Ranno Käomägi

CTO, Founder

Siim Puskai

CPO, Co-Founder

Toomas Savisaar

Sales Lead, Co-Founder

Viljar Kärgenberg

Senior Developer

Samuel Eiche

Front-End Developer

Maris Mõttus

Full-Stack Developer

Our investors

“They have a working product, the team has very strong experience in software development and it's supported by a clear vision.”

Marek Kiisa, Managing Partner

“Remato and Madis impressed me with their focus, understanding the target customer, and traction to date. This convinced me to invest.”

Siim Teller, Managing Partner

Martin Henk

Co-founder @ Pipedrive


Lauri Antalainen

Digitalization Expert, Board Member @ Estonian business angels network (EstBAN), Angel Investor


Lev Dolgatsjov

Board Member @ Estonian business angels network (EstBAN), Angel Investor


Magnus Hiie

Co-founder & CTO @ Sixfold


Märt Kelder

Co-founder & Managing Director @ Sixfold


How it started

After trying his hand in construction, renovating multiple properties, and building his own house, Ranno got a taste of the problems most construction entrepreneurs feel in a daily basis. His elder brother, who is a life-long construction entrepreneur, confirmed those learnings and as the construction software field for small teams was dry as a desert, Ranno decided to kickstart Remato.

As a tech guy, he immediately started writing the first lines of code (May 2018) and he invited his childhood friend Toomas to start selling what he is building.

A few months later they converted first customers and teamed up with fellow co-founders Siim Puskai and Madis Lehtmets to digitalize the construction industry.

Why we're doing it

One thing we all have in common and what powers our ambitions is the desire to build something on our own, to create something meaningful, and to have a real impact.

10% of the global economy is construction, yet it’s still one of the least digitalized industries. The majority of construction companies are small and medium businesses. They are the ones building and maintaining our physical world, they are the ones doing the hard work. Those companies mainly rely on paper, excel sheets, and repetitive manual work. It’s inefficient and stressful. We are changing that.

The change is happening and software for frontline construction companies is on the rise.


Join us on this mission!

We are driven to change the way our physical world is built and maintained. We are driven to learn, grow, and help each other to become the best versions of ourselves. We are driven to make complicated things easy and to create something meaningful. Sounds good? Join us.