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Connect and collaborate from the office to job site with a specialized construction communication app.

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List of chat channels in Remato Remato Construction Communication Software

Construction Chat

Communication Solution for Construction

Stop using consumer-oriented apps where you need to juggle between personal and work chats. Achieve a good flow of your team with construction communication software.

  • Similar to WhatsApp and iMessage, making it easy to get migrate
  • Designed for field work and manly hands
  • Separates work and personal life

Photos & Files

Use More Than Words

Share an unlimited amount of photos, videos, documents, blueprints and other files with your crew instantly.

  • Capture and share as many photos as you need in one go
  • Supports sharing any file type
  • Open DWG and PDF files directly in the app
  • Doesn’t clutter your phone with work photos and documents

Voice Messages

Type Less, Say More

Save your time and effort by using voice messages that Remato can automatically turn into text.

  • Record audio messages instead of
  • Automatically turns speech to text
  • Makes it easier to describe complex problems
  • The receiver can listen at a convenient time, rather than having to answer a phone call


Eliminate Language Barrier

Is your team one of the many in the construction sector who have people that speak different languages? If so then Remato can make your crew discussions so much easier.

  • Automatically translate messages from other languages
  • Supports 20+ languages
  • Reduce friction and miscommunication

Projects & Job sites

Streamline Project Communication

Every project that you manage in Remato can be connected to a group chat to keep all of the information in one place.

  • Stay connected through a single channel
  • Automatically create a channel for each new project
  • Automatically archive the channel when the project is finished

Permissions & Restrictions

Keep Everyone Focused

With construction communication software like Remato, you have granular control over your team members' permissions and restrictions to get their job done.

  • Set read-only channel access to some users
  • Set who can edit or delete historic messages
  • Set who can create new channels
  • Set who can invite new people to channels

You’re in a great bunch

Join hundreds of happy customers across the globe

All devices

Usable with any phone, tablet or computer through web or app

20+ languages

Everyone in international teams can use their own language

Offline support

Track time without internet connection

Unlimited storage

Never lose any documentation that you might need in disputes

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