your crew into

  • Save time by automating timesheets
  • Earn more thanks to better awareness & accountability
  • Stress free collaboration for office & field crews!

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Simple crew onboarding


1. Enter your crew

Either insert manually or import from Excel. Decide on users’ access levels and define contractual terms for timesheet automation.


2. Send invites

Enter person’s mobile phone number or E-mail address. Instructions on how to join will be sent to the invitee. You can relax.


3. Witness a miracle

Although our app is incredibly simple, we have tons of short video tutorials to transform even the slowest grunt into a superhero in no time.


For tracking working time and piecework, attendance and documenting work scenes. Does not need 24/7 internet connection - just syncs when possbile.

Real-time overview

It’s all about superior situational awareness.
And it just doesn’t feel fantastic, it truly and really is.

What is happening right NOW?

See who is currently working, at which job site, what task is in progress and when it was started.

Reality vs. plan

It only takes a quick glance to understand if someone is missing from work or is not working on the tasks he or she is supposed to be working on the very moment.


The bread and butter of all Your employees – creation fully automated and accurate down to a second. Eliminates disputes & You save at least several days worth of paperwork each month.

Fully automated

No more papers, excels & emails that need compilation every month. Tracker’s stopwatch will populate the table for everyone and add manually the hours that were not recorded.

Leave management

Manage all requests & approvals digitally in one place. See who, what and for which period has requested and whats the status of a particular leave request.

Personal Protective Equipment

A good way to manage personal protective equipment (PPE) – keep accurate records and digitize instruction, maintenance reminders, collect signatures from employees, etc.

Issuance against signature

Digitally process personal protective equipment dispensations, returns, and effectively distribute instructions. All events remain trace and can be reproduced if necessary (eg for submission to the Labor Inspectorate).

Order and diligence

Monitor maintenance intervals and make inventories. If desired, analyze which equipment and who can withstand better.


Manage your team’s qualifications, certifications, professional standards, health checks, training, and more.


Record the date and duration of the supervision or training, the first and last name of the supervisee and the supervisor together with the position, the reason for the supervision, the titles of the instructions and legislation introduced to the employee and the date of admission to independent work.


Related documents can be added to each person’s competence so that they are collected in one place and can be easily found if necessary.


Plan, monitor and optimize all the tasks, jobs, stints, missions, duties, appointments, chores and drills in one single central schedule.

Scheduling & ripples

Easily track different kinds of dependancies between all the assignments, people responsible and assets. If something changes (person gets sick, asset breaks down, etc.), then critical chain will expose the impact.

Focus for assignees

Clear overview of personal assignments, notifications if anything changes and dead simple to-do lists per assignment.


All discussions, conversations, questions, answers, comments, remarks, etc. related to work in one place. Create group chats as needed and determine who can participate.


You can record audio messages to reduce typing on your mobile phone. Remato automatically converts messages to text.

Pictures & notes

Add photos to discussions and draw on them to highlight something of importance.