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Erlangen Sie die Kontrolle über Ihr Endergebnis.

  • Estimated costs
  • Create professional proposals.
  • Monitor financial data in real time


Beginnen und beenden Sie die Arbeit pünktlich.

  • Plan the tasks, work and equipment.
  • Set notifications and reminders.
  • Recognize the conflicts early on.


Bringen Sie die Baustellenunterlagen in Ordnung.

  • Keep a site diary.
  • Share drafts and other documents.
  • Create task PDFs.


Haben Sie einen ordnungsgemäßen Arbeitsnachweis.

  • Collect photos of the staff working on site.
  • Check progress and problems.
  • Protect yourself from disputes.


Bestätigen Sie die Unterlagen mit Unterschriften.

  • Completed Tasks
  • site diaries

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Life is easier when all the information is available on the mobile. It's convenient to keep an eye on everything and it works very well. I'm trying to find something to pick on, but I can't think of anything. Many of our assets are worth thousands, and it is very good if things are clear and under control, all the information is there. Very good to see that every saw and tool has records straight about when the oil was last changed, etc.

30 people, roofing contractor

All of our data and accounting is now more accurate, both at the object level and altogether. The automatic hourly table is great - we used to create the tables and calculations manually, now everything is created as a collaborative work of the crew and the amounts are summed instantly.

20 people, Micropiles

Thanks to remato we have a clear overview of our schedules and the actual work hours. Pictures, documents, and other info is automatically collected under the correct project. Time tracking is also easy for the workers.

30 people, renovation

The information is more precise and associated with the correct project. Previously, the information was on paper that was not as detailed and accurate. Remato also makes it easier to check the information afterwards through various reports and timesheets. A very big advantage is that the team can take pictures of the work on the site and the photos are automatically gathered to project galleries.

30 people, Electricity contractor

The good thing is that workers can take photos of the site throughout the workday by adding them to the work entry and all the photos you take are automatically related to the correct projects and are available in the project gallery.

20 people, Electricity contractor

Very satisfied! Remato fulfils its purpose. The most helpful part is that you can see anytime who is at work and what they are working on. It's easy to get all the information and reports, no need to search for anything like it used to be with the more manual systems that we used before Remato.

50 people, Electricity contractor

First, Remato made our payroll system much simpler, more accurate and more transparent. But the biggest win, however, is that team and time management by our managers has become much more efficient and controllable.

30 people, Electricity contractor

Remato is a convenient and useful tool. All the old-school paperwork is gone. Thanks to Remato workers' attitudes towards work and working hours have changed drastically. People show up on time and respect the working hours. For me, it is very convenient that the pictures are in the site gallery. It is very good to get an overview of the construction site from anywhere and there is no need to visit it physically so often.

20 people, general contractor

Entdecken Sie die Plattform.

Bausoftware, die für kleine und mittlere Auftragnehmer entwickelt wurde, die in diesem Bereich arbeiten.


  • Planung
  • Zeiterfassung
  • Anwesenheits-GPS
  • Automatische Arbeitszeittabelle
  • In-App-Chat
  • Qualifikationen


Work Tracking, Qualifications, Reports


  • Geräte und Materialien
  • Lage und Zustand
  • Verantwortung
  • Buchung und Überweisung
  • Kontrollen und Wartung
  • Fotos und Unterlagen


Tools and Equipment, Materials

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