Construction Photo Management Software

Single app for you and your workers to snap, store and share job photos. Collective construction photo documentation has never been so easy.

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Jobsite Camera

Built for Construction

Remato camera has exceptionally big buttons and construction specific features that you will not see in your everyday camera app.

  • Take as many photos as you need in one go
  • Turn on a flashlight to take photos in dark
  • Automatically adds project, GPS and other details to each photo
  • Doesn’t clutter your phone with work photos
  • Works offline so you could take photos wherever you are

Edit Mode

Add Context to Your Photos

Use Edit mode to highlight critical details in the photos. You can even write extra information on the photos so nothing would go missing.

  • Draw with a simple highlighter
  • Add text annotations
  • Keep both edited and original photos
  • Edit images later or right after taking them

Data Capture

Photos Are Your Source of Truth

Every photo taken with Remato includes comprehensive information that could become invaluable in disputes.

  • See where the photos were taken
  • See who and when took the photos
  • Connects photos with project and task
  • Full automatic — no manual work needed


Share Pictures With Context

You can download your photos with custom watermark to share the full context with adjusters, customers, and stakeholders.

  • Download and watermark photos in bulk
  • Share photo’s timestamp, task name and other details
    with a watermark
  • Personalize the photos with your company name

Time Tracking

Capture More Than Photos

Why document the work with only photos when your team could also fill their timesheet and other details in one app.

  • Collect work hours and simplify payroll
  • Collect used materials
  • Check attendance
  • Schedule projects and tasks


Use Photos in Discussions

Picture can say more than thousand words, so it makes sense to use industries best camera app for taking photos that you can share with your team to discuss problems.

  • Share photos in group and private messages
  • All of the information is in one place
  • Explain detected problems faster

Problems solved with construction photo management software

These are just some of the pain points that we solve for our clients today

  • It is a hassle to collect and organize all the job photos from my team
  • My crew complains that work photos take too much space on their personal phones
  • How to restore lost photos that I need in dispute
  • My workers forget to send photos to me after the work is completed
  • How to watermark photos with information clients have asked

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20+ languages

Everyone in international teams can use their own language

Offline support

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Unlimited storage

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